About M-PRA

1930, a young family of 3 ventured to East Africa in search of a new life with a dream of making a difference.

They settled in Mombasa, in a colony called “People & Resident Association” ( also known as M-PRA) amongst local people, finding their way in this beautiful and majestic part of the world.

Electricity was unpredictable, and this is where the story starts.

In the 1950’s My grandmother, who was now a young married woman, started making candles for local people, family, and friends.

While everyone was using paraffin torches, she created beeswax candles along with natural herbs to release aromas. (She used to call it “a royal scent for every home”)

This was an instant hit, and her passion turned into a small business
Due to civil war, she was forced to leave Kenya in 1965 and came to the UK.

Being a housewife and a mother to 5 children, she again started to make candles for neighbors, friends, and family as this was her hobby and passion.

Her love for fragrant candles still lives within us today.

To keep her dream alive, we have started a new company in memory of her.
M-PRA - this is where the dream all started and where the burning flame never dies.

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